Wisdom and Learnings from Escapade

“This is not camping, this is a lifestyle.”

“There is no “right way” to be a fulltimer, there are many different approaches to full timing”.

Quotes from seasoned fulltimers leading some of the seminars.

Many of the Escapade seminars had some level of focus on safety, which is an area we were not as well versed in as we should have been.  Three major categories stood out for me; fire safety, tire safety and weight management.

Fire Safety

We learned that a motorhome fire can spread in as little as twenty seconds and that there are multiple components of the motor home that are susceptible to catching on fire.   The important thing is to be as prepared as possible.  I highly recommend that anyone considering getting an RV become well informed on this issue. My workshop was led by “Mac the Fire Guy”, an ex-fireman who travels around educating RVers on this matter.  His website contains very valuable information.

Tire Safety

Tire safety is the second area that I felt was really worthwhile learning more about.  One thing I never knew is that tires have the date that they were manufactured either on the outside or inside rim.  This is particularly important for RVers as RV tires may sit around in tire stores for longer periods than car tires.  Apparently, people have unknowingly purchased tires that are a year or even older.  Tires are one of the top four areas in a motorhome where fires can ignite.  In order to reduce this possibility, tire maintenance should include keeping tires clean of debris and checking their temperature frequently whenever you are driving during very hot weather.

Weight Management

We had Island Girl weighed for the first time.  We weigh almost 15 tons!  This is definitely not camping.  Island Girl is a bit overweight, but not as much as we feared.  And we are getting rid of stuff as we speak, tweaking and re-organizing our space as we go.  It’s important to know your weight, as this can definitely affect the performance of your rig.  In addition, your tire pressure should be adjusted in accordance with the weight of each axle (these are weighed separately).

Other interesting seminars included information on traveling to Alaska and Mexico in an RV, LED lighting, using natural products as alternatives for commercial cleaning products (I love this!), other areas of safety, general maintenance tips, useful information on the lifestyle and others.  SO much to learn.

Hmmm … Chili

The seminars also validated a lot of the things we learned over the last years through reading books and blogs.  Escapade also offered some fun activities, such as a chili cook-off, line dancing classes, a dance party and a pet parade which Angel participated in.

Last, but certainly not least, we also met many wonderful people, some of which have been fulltiming for over ten and over twenty years.  It made us feel even better about having made this choice.

~ Brenda

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  1. Wow, your pictures are fantastic! Call me sometime and let me know the ATL arrival so I can get the “right days off”.

    Katherine and Erik

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