Things we Look Forward to

Just before leaving Denver, I spent some time thinking about these things that we are really looking forward to (in no particular order):

  • Beautiful scenery – spending more time outdoors
  • Meeting new people – not just other RVers, but different people in the different towns we visit
  • Not being in a hurry – I thought of this as I was running around trying to get things done
  • Exploring new towns – There are many interesting places in this country, and we look forward to not only seeing them, but finding the next place that we would like to live in once we finish our adventure
  • Learning new things – Not just about the motor home, but other areas that we’re not familiar with at this time
  • Sitting by the campfire – SO relaxing
  • Being more active – Last year, I had three foot surgeries and was not in great shape when I started.  I definitely look forward to becoming more fit.
  • Developing our creative side  – Hector has his photography, I’ll be exploring writing, dancing, making natural skin products and maybe some new interests.
  • Wildlife – we both love animals and will look for opportunities to see more of them
  • Winter in the south, summer in the north – enough said
  • Farmer’s markets – fresh, seasonal produce, fresh breads, homemade jams and jellies, free range eggs, grass fed beef and local specialties, YUM!

~ Brenda

2 thoughts on “Things we Look Forward to

  1. Wow, for someone that is new at “blogging” you both did a magnificant job. What beautiful photos, so unique and being in the right place at the right time! We at RV Interiors are happy that Island Girl is running well and everything is going great for you. We are so envious of you both, out enjoying the world while we are slaving, I mean s-l-a-v-i-n-g….lol. We are so happy for you exploring the great outdoors and sharing them with us on your blog. Keep them coming we love to see what you are seeing. God bless. RV Interiors

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