11 years later ...

September was a whirlwind.  We left Denver earlier than we anticipated for several reasons, one of which was to attend the Escapees RV Club annual event, Escapade, in Sedalia, Missouri.  We moved out of our house, moved into Island Girl, handled last minute errands, said good-byes to some friends and family, and I concluded my work at Morris Animal Foundation.  Meanwhile, we had to have some last minute (minor) repair work on Island Girl, and a week before leaving I started to feel some cold sensitivity in one of my molars.   A visit to the dentist determined that I needed a root canal, which I was able to get exactly one day before leaving Denver.


Walmart, sleep free!

We stopped overnight in Topeka, Kansas on the way to Sedalia, where we dry camped at a Walmart (our first free Walmart overnight!).  We also had a fabulous Thai dinner in Topeka (who knew?).

Escapade was VERY interesting.  We attended over twenty seminars and purchased very useful items at the vendor fair (including new fire extinguishers and smoke detectors).

During our stay at Escapade, Island Girl developed a problem with our access to city water  – the water inlet valve broke.  Fortunately, we had water in our fresh water tank and could use our water pump to continue to have access to water.  Hector was able to order the part online, then, with support and guidance from fellow full timers, replaced the part.  This was the first (but certainly not the last) successful DIY repair on our journey.

After Sedalia, we drove to Kansas City, where Hector could work remotely and also to re-connect with an old friend, Theresa.  I ended the month by taking two four-hour RV driving lessons, during which I drove for 90 (!!!) miles.  The first day I almost broke down and cried when I realized I was about to drive this giant vehicle.  Then, while driving, I managed to tense every single muscle in my body so when I stopped driving and relaxed, I almost fainted. The second day was much better.  SUCCESS!  I believe that it’s really important for traveling partners to both know how to drive their RV.

Overall, a somewhat hectic but very productive month.

~ Brenda

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