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sedona  001After many years of planning, we rented our home, got rid of a lot of our “stuff”, put the rest in storage and moved into our 39′ Class A diesel motorhome, Island Girl.  The two of us have been “on walkabout” since October 2012, traveling around this beautiful continent with our wonderful dog, Angel. We hope to find the perfect community in which to establish our next home along the way.

We welcome you to come along on our journey as we share travel experiences along with Hector’s beautiful photography.  Along the way, we’ll include some “RV stuff” – information about RV’s and the fulltime RV lifestyle for those who may be interested in it, already doing it or just curious about it.

We are very grateful for all we’ve learned through reading other RVers’ blogs and hope that some of our experiences are interesting and useful to others.

2013-05-14 at 09-11-08We absolutely love to get comments, so please let us hear from you.

~ Brenda and Hector Lopez

11 thoughts on “Welcome to our Blog!

  1. Just stopped by after your meet up with Mona Liza and Steve. I look forward to exploring more of your blog AFTER my hike in Colorado’s San Juans this morning.

  2. My wife and I are planning to be on the road by the summer. I wanted to ask what type of camera and lens you use in your photo’s, they look like they are professionally done, speaking from an amature photographer.

    • Thanks Tom … Appreciate the kind words about the photos. I shoot mostly with a Canon 5D Mark II body which usually as a 24-105 Canon L series lens. For wildlife stuff i mostly use a canon 50d paired with a canon 100-400L zoom. always happy to chat about gear anytime if you have any questions. Good luck on your planning! Hector

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